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Your name is LEAH and as of March you are SIXTEEN years old. You live in a VERY ORGANIZED room with each area dedicated to your ODD ASSORTMENT of interests. You spend most of your time either DRAWING FANART in your sketchbook and on your computer or reading various BOOKS piled high within your multiple bookshelves. When the mood strikes you sometimes REORGANIZE SAID BOOKS according to AUTHOR TITLE or sometimes even color depending on the day. You enjoy both SOCIALIZING with your friends and OBSESSIVELY REBLOGGING things about your MULTIPLE FANDOMS.

Your chumhandle is abberantAcatalepsy and ★< You tчpε ฬith vคrious cutε lεttεrs คlฬคчs prεcεdεd bч ค stคr~

Sylph of Heart~

Prospit Dreamer~
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