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Hello! After spending countless hours wasting away my life watching anime and playing Animal Crossing:New Leaf at my father's house for winter breaking, I figured I could waste away my life a little more productively here. I like to draw and write, and I guess this is to become a place for me to get everything together. I rant and rabble on so feel free to simply ignore me, but I also will be posting a lot of art and such~ (Mostly fanart, a warning for those who aren't into that sort of thing). Much of this will probably be reposts from my tumblr, but I'm sure much of it will be things I'd rather not have on my somewhat fandom-specific blog~ (For those of you who love homestuck, attack on titan, Sherlock, Supernatural and so on, feel free to follow my tumblr located in the links on this page <3) For now though, I'd like to start off with a couple of doodles I did a little while back when I was still rather new to Homestuck, an online webcomic by Andrew Hussie, which I'd recommend to those who aren't familiar. One is a slash pairing of Mituna Captor and Kankri Vantas, and the other being a similar one with Cronus Ampora and.. you guessed it, Kankri Vantas once again~ ^w^ Kankri being a "celibate" and all, I find it fun to pair him with almost everybody~
Homestuck MitunaxKankri
CronuxKankri Homestuck

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