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"This is a pain in the ass, Strider!" he says, meaning it literally just as much as figuratively. Karkat had been sitting on this park bench for a good three hours with Dave, just on the off chance that a certain black-haired, blue-eyed boy might show up.

"He's not coming, can we please just go home already?" Karkat knew it was more than likely John wouldn't show up. He had only promised that he'd "try to make it", and besides, he was flakier than a bowl of corn flakes. Scowling, he turned to look up at Dave, who was staring off in the distance, waiting. "Dave, goddammit, let's go already!"

"Just twenty more minutes, promise," Dave answered distractedly. Karkat sighed, dramatically dragging a hand through his hair to emphasize his irritation. It had been "twenty minutes ago" twenty minutes ago, and twenty minutes before that as well. Karkat knew this was beyond unreasonable, that waiting for hours on end wasn't going to make John show up, but he had promised Dave he'd wait with him, and roommates kept their promises... even if they were stupid and completely unreasonable. Hearing a slight sound in the background, Karkat recognized the overly happy, repetitive tune of an ice cream truck, and stood up abruptly. The motion caused Dave to jump slightly and look over, a surprised and on the verge of being hurt look upon his face.

"H-hey, where are you going?" The slight whimper in Dave's voice caught Karkat off guard, and just for a moment he wanted to reach down and hug him, tell him to forget about John because everything was okay and he had him. However, he ignored the feeling, opting instead to stutter out, "J-just to get some ice cream. Do you want anything?"
Dave sighed and turned back to staring off into nowhere. "Nah, I'm good," he said, and proceeded to ignore Karkat once again. Karkat growled and stormed off towards the ice cream truck, muttering, "Damn love struck idiot...never does anything for me... three fucking hours..."

Reaching the truck, Karkat got in line behind two kids, looking over them to see what flavors there were. When he got up to the front he ordered a chocolate. As the guy in the truck turned to get the ice cream, Karkat looked back in the direction of where Dave was sitting and sighed, "A-and a strawberry, too, please."
The man grinned, "For your girlfriend?" he asked. Karkat blushed and stammered out, "N-no! For a friend..." He reached up to take the ice creams and handed the man his money before scurrying away.

Walking back towards where Dave was, Karkat's face was still bright red. "Girlfriend? Dave? Hah!" he thought. Even if he did think of Dave like that, which he didn't, that idiot was so stupidly in love with John it wouldn't even matter if Karkat liked him or not. Out of nowhere, Karkat's heart twinged and he stopped walking, tears welling up in his eyes. "Yeah," he thought, "wouldn't matter in the slightest." Realizing what he was thinking, he quickly wiped his face, holding both ice creams in one hand, before reaching Dave. Sitting down next to him, he reached over with the strawberry ice cream. "Here," he said, holding the ice cream in front of Dave's face. When Dave didn't take it, Karkat looked over, fixing to yell at him. "Shit..!" he thought, as he looked closer and noticed the tears on Dave's cheeks. He quickly looked away, not knowing what to say.
"I told you I didn't want anything," Dave mumbled, looking over at Karkat.
"J-just eat it, stupid!" Karkat snapped, not wanting to look Dave in the eyes. He still had the ice cream held out to Dave, and he shoved it forward towards Dave's mouth in order to get him to take it.

Dave smirked, just slightly, before reaching his head forward to lick some of the ice cream, reaching for Karkat's hand as he did so. Not expecting this, Karkat jumped back, his face turning bright red. Dave, a little surprised by Karkat's reaction, looked over at him. As he stared at Karkat's blushing face, his smile grew wider and wider until he burst out laughing, taking the ice cream as he did so. Karkat was confused, but didn't jump when Dave leaned over to put his head on Karkat's shoulder. "Thanks for staying with me," he said, "just give me another minute, okay? Then we can go home."

Karkat sighed as if he was annoyed, but leaned over to rest his head on Dave's and nodded. Maybe the day hadn't been such a pain in the ass after all.

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